Meet The #GivingTuesdayKids Ambassadors


#GivingTuesdayKids is kid-founded and kid-led. Meet the Ambassadors of the movement, who are making a difference not only on December 3, but every day.

GT Khloe circle.png

KHloe Thompson

Age 12, Yorba Linda, California

I started the #GivingTuesdayKids movement with an Instagram DM to the GivingTuesday Global Team. I wanted to inspire more kids to change the world. I’m an international philanthropist and started my own nonprofit, Khloe Kares, when I was 6. I make and distribute toiletry bags to women experiencing homelessness in my community. I also install water pumps in Ghana + teach leadership to other youth across the US, inspiring them to get out + become changemakers in their own communities.

GTKids Project: I’ll be doing my signature KhloeKares toiletry bag project with a local elementary school and will help organize the school to get all the kids involved. 


Kadence Ann

Age 12, Texas

I once was once told, "You do not have to wait to be an adult to make your dreams happen". (Maya Penn) That statement really made me think about my passions and dreams. I talked to my parents about wanting to act now on my dreams and make them a reality. With their help and support I'm doing it and you can too! When we give back, we show our love and concerns for others and the world around us.

GTKids Project: I am hosting, through my non-profit Kadence Kares, a Christmas party for kids who live in a home where a parent suffers from military PTSD, as I do.

Jahkil Jackson.png

Jahkil Jackson

Age 12, Chicago, Illinois

I advocate for those affected by homelessness throughout the world. I founded Project I Am to build awareness of homelessness and provide short-term solutions with Blessing Bags, which I fill with daily essentials + toiletry items. I’ve organized distribution to those in need in Chicago, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Virginia + Idaho. I’ve provided Blessing Bags to orphans in Mbabane, Swaziland, as well as volcano victims in Guatemala, +hurricane survivors in the Bahamas, Florida, Houston, + Puerto Rico.

GTKids Project: I’ll distribute new clothing to 90 youth in Chicago, Florida and Atlanta.

Ryan Hickman.png

Ryan Hickman

Age 10, Orange County, California

When I was 3 years old, I went with my dad to the local recycling center to cash in a few small bags of cans + bottles, and the rest was history! Today, Ryan’s Recycling engages people all over Orange County, CA. Ryan's goal is to recycle in order to keep cans + bottles from reaching the ocean where it’s harmful to the environment. I spend a part of every week sorting through cans and bottles from my customers and getting them ready to take to the recycle center. We only have one earth - let’s take care of it!

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Chris “C.J.” Matthews

Age 12, Atlanta, GA

I realized my calling to service at an early age. When I was five years old, my family experienced a pregnancy loss and I was sad to lose my unborn sister, Karsen Angelica. My mom asked me: “if you could help other kids, what would you do?” I told her that I never wanted any child to feel loneliness, like I felt when my sister didn’t come home. Together, with my family, we created Blankies 4 My Buddies, a program that provides warm, cozy blankets to kids who need an extra dose of comfort.

GTKids Project: I will be filling water bottles with gift cards and healthy snacks for kids in local schools who don’t have food on the weekends. Many schools have the backpack programs but this will ensure they are drinking the water they need as well.


Jayden Perez

Age 12, New Jersey

I’ve been spreading kindness since I was 8 years old, from helping people, children + pets after hurricanes struck Puerto Rico + Florida to speaking on anti-bullying. Last year, I joined the Kidbox 2018 Kids Board of Directors. I’m also the president of my own nonprofit called From The Bottom of My Heart. I hope to inspire the young generation to make a difference. I want to change the world - one act of kindness at a time.

GTKids Project: I’ll be collecting toys to give to my local hospital and to kids in the Bahamas who were impacted by the recent hurricane.

michael (2).png

Michael Platt

Age 14, Bowie, Maryland

I’m a baker + food justice advocate. When I was 11 years old, I started a 1-for-1 baking business - for every cupcake I sell, I donate one to people experiencing homelessness, living in domestic violence shelters or transitional housing. It brings them joy - which I believe that everyone deserves. I also started a non-profit P.L.L.A.T.E. which provides non-perishable, healthy snack packs for kids who may be food insecure so they can have easily accessible + healthy snacks with them, right at their fingertips.

GTKids Project: I’ll be assembling and distributing healthy snack packs for the food insecure in my community.


BrooklyNn Riley

Age 12, Louisville, Kentucky

I’m a fashion model represented by Zuri Model & Talent NYC, a dream chaser, adventure seeker, + tween influencer. I play many sports at school including competitive cheer, soccer, track + basketball. I love to help others who are less fortunate than me. Last winter, I organized a coat drive that collected 120 coats to help people experiencing homelessness to keep warm during the winter months.

GTKids Project: I will organize a toy drive to give to kids less fortunate around the holidays. 


Leilani Rivera

Age 14, Orange County, California

I am a Artist that started training at the age of 3 years old + trained for many years as a competition dancer. I never cared about winning awards or being 1st, I only cared about making people smile. Throughout my journey, I have had some amazing teachers + mentors that have believed in me + have shown me that I can dream even bigger + take my talent even further. Now I am Pre-Professional Student training with the American Ballet Theater with the hopes of becoming a professional one day. I want kids everywhere to know that they can Dream Big Too!

GTKids Project: I plan to share my passion for classical music and love for ballet with kids that may have never had the opportunity to be exposed to it. The arts are so important and kids need the opportunity to be exposed to an art form that was once only for the wealthy.

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Billy Toms

Age 8, Chicago, Illinois

I am a third grader in Chicago Public Schools + I fight for fairness and equality for all people. I think that everyone, no matter what their age, has the power to do big things to make our world a better place. I like spending my weekends making bagged lunches + giving them to people who might be hungry - you never can tell who might be hungry. I also volunteer with New Moms, a nonprofit that helps young moms + their babies on the west side of Chicago. 

GTKids Project: I’m rallying my friends and neighbors to collect scarves, mittens, and hats for adults and kids experiencing homelessness.


Liana Torres

Age 13, New Jersey

I care about our planet and share with my Instagram followers ways to help preserve and care for it. I also care about animals and share that, too. By using cruelty-free products, reusable items (bags, straws, utensils; etc), we can all help when it comes to the Earth and our furry friends.

GTKids Project: I am planning on gathering some family and friends to make small blankets for animals at a local shelter. I also would like to take some pictures of the animals to try and help them get adopted.


Jordyn Webb

Age 11, Las Vegas, Nevada

I empower, inspire, + uplift girls and raise awareness + funds for my local food bank to help put an end to childhood hunger. My recent Bag Childhood Hunger campaign raised almost $2 million! I was honored by ThreeSquare for my work in raising enough funds to provide over 6,000 meals to hungry children in my community during spring break.

GTKids Project: Since GivingTuesday is December 3rd, a time when winter break from school and holiday expenses put an even bigger dent in already struggling families funds, I’m going to raise money for hungry children in my community.

Kenny (2).png

The Neff Family

Ages 17, 14, 13, and 10, South Dakota

Giving is a family affair for the Neff family.
Abby, 17 the creator of Recycled Rainbows creates new + specialized crayons from used and unwanted crayons for undeserved youth and people with disabilities. Riley, 14 the co-founder of Recycled Rainbows and creator of the community service initiative Caring with Creativity that uses creative resources to empower girls. Bria, 13 as the creator of Faces of the Endangered is a wildlife artist that uses her time + talents to paint a face to disappearing species across the globe and has raised over $68,000 for endangered species. North, 10, has been providing the Humane Society with essential dog food + supplies + makes decorated milk bones for the dogs to enjoy on special days.


Isabella Casarini

Age 12, Brazil

“Oi! Sou Isabella Casarini e tenho 12 anos. Desde pequenininha meu sonho sempre foi ajudar as pessoas. Eu acho muito injusto a gente ter uma casa, família, amor, saúde, e as pessoas de rua, por exemplo, elas não têm casa e batalham todo dia para ter uma comida na mesa. A gente pode escolher o que a gente quer comer. Eu me sinto muito mal vendo isso, e quando eu ajudo, com uma moedinha que seja, me sinto tão bem! Sinto que estou cumprindo minha missão aqui na Terra. E é isso o que eu quero fazer quando estiver mais velha: abrir uma ONG para cachorrinhos abandonados ou de rua, crianças e moradores de rua. Quero ajudar muita muita muita gente! E eu já tento fazer este trabalho desde cedo. Eu acho que se todo mundo fizer sua parte o mundo fica um mundo melhor.”

Kenny (1).png


Age 12, Toronto, Canada

I'm Kenny. I live in the coolest city. Growing up in downtown Toronto, I get to see people with lots of money, some with less + others with nothing. I've always been a creative person, + I appreciate art. However, I particularly love fashion. I love cool designs worn by Tyler the Creator, but I’m still young so I can’t exactly buy that stuff. Clothes is about being comfortable with yourself. Some kids are made fun of for wearing old clothes + this bothers me a lot. So, I had this idea that I could make dyed t-shirts for those kids that don't have the money to buy something new. Fashion makes you more confident + I want everyone to be able to stand proud.

GTKids Project: I will partner with The One More Wear Foundation in Toronto. They help youth get clothing and supplies so they can feel proud walking into school or work. Together we will design an article of clothing for sale, and 100% of the proceeds will be given back to the foundation. Our goal is to ensure that every young person who is motivated to go to school or work can do so.



Age 6, Toronto, Canada

I'm Mackenzie, and I'm 6 years old and my older brother Kenny is my hero. He is a hero because he always shares what he has with everyone. Not only family + friends, but people we don’t even know.  He once told me that everyone can do something even if you are small.  I saw a girl named Khloe Thompson on my mom's phone and she inspired me to start doing something too.  My mom is from Rwanda + there are kids there that don’t have any clothes + some have never had a toy before (I love toys!). This made me sad because I have cousins in Rwanda. We started sending clothes that we had to families in Rwanda + received lists back of other things they needed. I want to help give kids clothes so we are going BIGGER this year. 

GTKids Project: I will be telling this story to my community and asking them to donate time, money or things to send to the girls and boys in Rwanda. Each year we will go bigger + bigger until every kid has nice clothes to wear and toys to play with. 100% of what is collected will go straight to the families in need in Rwanda.