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The #GivingTuesdayKids Curriculum

Developed by our partner, LearningToGive, each one-session lesson is followed with a simple and powerful service project and reflection. These lessons spark meaningful discussions and service that centers on giving, sharing, and caring. Lessons are available for Pre-K - 12th grade.

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BedTime Bags

In this one period lesson, students learn about people and children who are experiencing homelessness and make bedtime bags for children in shelters as their service project.

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Impact Of Giving

In this one period lesson, students investigate local and global hunger issues, and learn about nonprofits in the community. As a service project, the students organize an event, such as a volunteer fair or game-a-thon, and raise awareness of the issue of hunger and of giving opportunities available to students and families.

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In this one period lesson, students define philanthropy and discuss the joy of giving, as well as various ways to give through nonprofits in the community.

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Deliver Gratitude Day

In this one period lesson, students focus on the meaning and benefits of gratitude. Students give examples of what people give up (opportunity cost) when they give philanthropically. For their service project, students will decide how they can 'deliver gratitude' to a deserving person or group. They will then complete a service such as writing thank you notes.